Identify operational issues and achieve manufacturing excellence

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ioTORQ LEAN is a modern data platform that determines key manufacturing metrics in real time, unlocks continuous improvements opportunities and maximizes productivity.

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Use our real time dashboards to track key manufacturing metrics and determine Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Identify speed losses and detect downtimes to quickly react to unplanned events and maximize productivity.

All dashboards are customizable with many available widgets to perfectly fit your operations and adjust to your needs.

ioTORQ LEAN detects downtimes in real time and work with the line operators to record the root causes of your productivity losses. It also integrates with PLCs and automatically retrieves generated fault codes to explain downtime events.

Our downtime monitoring software precisely measures the duration of all your downtimes, allowing you to make informed and quantified decisions to improve your operations.

Empower your team with accurate production data showing how shifts are performing over time, which lines are under-performing and understand how to run your production process in an optimal way. 

Identify the main causes of losses at your facility with ioTORQ LEAN detailed reporting capabilities and improve machine uptime. 

Analyze trends to validate that your continuous improvement measures are effective and lead to increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Easily integrate with your existing processes

  • 1 Install

    Sensors are installed on production lines and connected to an IoT Gateway

  • 2 Collect

    Data is collected in real time and sent to the cloud through the Internet

  • 3 Monitor

    Operators monitor their production line on tablets on the shop floor

  • 4 Improve

    Supervisors leverage the collected data to identify continuous improvement opportunities

“With ioTORQ we have delivered performance gains across our facilities”
VP Continuous Improvement
“Panevo has delivered significant cost savings across our facilities”
VP CI and Corporate Responsibility
“With ioTORQ we have enabled operational cost savings and avoided losses”
Energy Leader

Take your first step towards improving your manufacturing operations

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Powered by Microsoft Azure in a highly secure and compliant environment for our customers


99.9% availability


Processing billions of data points every day accross multiple timezones

Frequently Asked Questions

Our OEE and LEAN Manufacturing platform is designed to fit the needs of any manufacturing company. The system can monitor running products, meters, litres… for batch and continuous processes. And even if you have a slightly different process, we will find a suitable solution.

If you are already counting products on a line and recording this information in your PLC, then ioTORQ LEAN can be deployed at your facility without any additional hardware deployment.

Otherwise, any IR sensor can be installed on the line and connected to a hardware gateway such as the AccuEnergy Aculink 810:

You typically only need one gateway for several lines.

The ioTORQ LEAN platform was developed to be compatible with a large range of PLC systems. We can integrate with more than 150  industrial automation devices, systems or data sources. OPC, proprietary, and open standards connectivity are supported.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a measure of how well a manufacturing operation is utilized (facilities, time and material) compared to its full potential, during the periods when it is scheduled to run. It identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive.

An OEE of 100% means that only good parts are produced (100% quality), at the maximum speed (100% performance), and without interruption (100% availability).