Energy Conservation & Process Optimization Solutions

Engineering consulting, energy auditing and innovative software minimizes consumption, reduces cost and enhances environmental performance.

Industrial data platform


  • EMIS

    Monitor resource consumption, identify saving opportunities and improve environmental compliance

  • LEAN

    Calculate manufacturing metrics (OEE) in real time, unlocks continuous improvements and maximizes productivity

  • UBM

    Automate bill processing from hundreds of suppliers, identify errors and optimize expenditure

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Sustainability evolved

100 Years of Sustainability and
Energy Management Experience

At Panevo we combine over 100 years sustainability and energy management experience with innovative technology solutions that enable industry to gain valuable insights, avoid losses, maximize savings, verify performance and ensure compliance

Strategic Advisory

Establish corporate sustainability goals, refine existing goals, respondto legislation and mitigate future risks

Site Auditing

Evaluate cost-effective ways by improving energy efficiency, reducing utility consumption and minimizing process loss

Project Management

We provide concepts, engineering design and project management services to meet your needs

Lean Manufacturing

Deliver scoping audits that identify practical solutions and immediate savings and implement Lean Manufacturing OEE Software

Utility Procurement

Extensive experience with deregulated energy markets to negotiate utility contracts, ensuring competitive prices and terms. 

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